A Chef with Celiac Disease

She's the Canary in Her Own Coal Mine

Our chef is Cara Cribb. She's worked in just about every position in a professional kitchen, from line cook to pastry chef to kitchen manager. She loved her work, but she was always tired and had frequent headaches. It was a mystery for a long time, but eventually she discovered that she has celiac disease.

When Cara went gluten free, her headaches and fatigue disappeared. Sadly, her physical tolerance for the stuff went with it. Eventually, she just couldn’t work in a regular restaurant anymore. The flour would get everywhere, and she would be an exhausted mess within a day or so. I would even get a rash from where the stuff touched my skin. As things got steadily worse, she had to quit her job in Portland.

Obviously, Cara had to do something else. Since she couldn’t work in regular places anymore, she decided to start a home bakery here in Maine. Galley Goodies served customers at local farmers' markets for several years, but Cara really wanted to be in a commercial kitchen again. So when she got the chance, she scraped up what she could and got a food truck.  :-)